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Chief & Council

Chief Morris Beardy

Chief Morris Beardy was elected on September 30, 2020. Chief Beardy was born and raised in Bird, and currently lives in Gillam. Chief Beardy is an electrician by trade and has worked on various hydro projects, starting at Limestone Dam over 30 years ago.

Councillor Sophie Lockhart

Councillor Sophie Lockhart was elected on March 29, 2017. Councillor Lockhart was born at Whitefish Lake (fish camp) and raised in Shamattawa. In 1974, she transferred to Fox Lake Cree Nation, where she currently resides on the Fox Lake urban reserve in Gillam. Councillor Lockhart has a 2-year diploma in Community Human & Health Services from Yellowquill College and a Counselling Certificate from the University of Manitoba. She has proudly been alcohol-free since October 13, 1985. Councillor Lockhart is very active in both the community of Fox Lake and Gillam.


Social Development

  • Income Assistance
  • Community Assistance
  • Funerals and Burials


  • Transfers
  • Membership List
  • Estates – Wills & Testaments

Health Department

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Out of Town Medicals
  • Home Care and Community Care Nurse
  • Nursing Services
  • Brighter Futures
    • Community Safety
    • Parenting Skills
    • Child Development
    • Healthy Babies
    • Injury Prevention
    • Mental Health
  • Building Healthy Communities
    • Solvent Abuse
    • Mental Health
    • Working with Community & Mental Therapist
    • ADI – Diabetes
    • CPNP – Prenatal
    • CHR
    • Working with Nurse Mental Health Therapist, Jordan’s Principle

Awasis Agency

  • Service to Families
  • Local Childcare Committee
  • Provincial Service Agreement

Councillor Jade Kirkness

Councillor Jade Kirkness was elected on April 27, 2022. She has lived in-between Territory 1, Winnipeg and Territory 5, Gillam her whole life. Wife and mother of one son, Jade looks forward to continuing to working with the members of Fox Lake Cree Nation to help make positive strides for all Fox Lake members. Jade is hoping her time spent on the council will encourage the younger generations to take the steps to becoming active and positive role models to our communities.


Education Department

  • Sponsor/Training
  • Fox Lake School
  • Frontier School Division
  • Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
  • Outreach Program
  • Tuition Agreement
  • Gillam School Advisory
  • Daycare/Head Start Program

Housing Department

  • Band Housing
  • Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC)
  • RRAP
  • Municipal Service Agreement Capital Projects
  • Hydro Trailer

Community Safety

  • By-Laws
  • RCMP Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Community Emergency Plan
  • Justice Circle

Public Works

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Road Maintenance
  • Water and Sewer Maintenance
  • Garbage disposal
  • O & M Vehicles
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Prevention
Council members in front of a beautiful lake

Shared Portfolios:

Policy Development & By-Law Governance

  • Personal Policy
  • Education Policy
  • Financial Policy
  • Community By-Laws

ISA – Impact Settlement Agreement

  • Trust
  • Implementation & Future Development
  • Manitoba Hydro Negotiations

Finance Department FLCN Cooperation

  • FLCN Corporation
  • Manitoba Hydro Agreements and Contracts
  • Sodexo JV
  • Health Canda (FBIH)
  • ISC

Canada File

  • Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Specific Claims
  • Addition to Reserve
  • Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self Determination (RIRSD)

Harmonized Gillam Development

Adverse Effects Program

Caring Committee

First Nation Organization Affiliations

  • Keewatin Tribal Council
  • MKO
  • Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
  • Assembly of First Nations